Wonderful Preston Castle Paracon 2015

Preston Paracon 2015
Castle Spirits handled this event with great precision. A very dedicated team to one another and the Preston Castle Foundation.
All proceeds were donated to the restoration of this magnificent historical landmark in Ione California .The meet and greet in the courtyard was set up lavishly with a dessert buffet for royalty. A hard working Chef and docent for the event spent the night before baking and kept working for the entire event. Saturdays speakers were a VIP list of the paranormal high ranking and they did not disappoint.
Loyd Auerbach, M.S.: Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations, has been investigating cases of apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists for over 30 years. Loyd is a Parapsychologist, Paranormal Investigator, Mentalist, Author and chocolatier. He has appeared on many Radio and Television Programs such as Larry King Live, Oprah, Chris Angel and David Letterman. He has also been featured on paranormal shows on such cable channels as Discovery, Travel, History and A&E.
Loyd was a most eloquent speaker of out of this world possibilities and paranormal receptivity. His presentation was worth the trip alone.
Other speakers included :
Barry Conrad: A professional videographer who has served as director of photography in the television industry on many features. In 1997, he released the acclaimed paranormal documentary, “An Unknown Encounter” which he also directed and produced.
Barry was very approachable and generous with knowledge.
David Deerfeeder: David Deerfeeder is a Multi-Sensate Medium and an ordained priest in the Old Catholic tradition. He is a member of the Solano County Paranormal team, serving as both investigator and medium. Fr. Dave’s awareness of his abilities began with a childhood near-death experience. While always highly intuitive, over the past 10 years he has fully embraced his work as a medium.
David rocked the event with his presentation and musical prowess with a most welcomed impromptu performance of guitar and song.
Jeff Dwyer, Ph.D.: Performs historical research as it pertains to ghostly and paranormal phenomena and investigates haunted sites using highly developed psychic methods that include remote viewing and psychometry.
Dr Dwyer has great speaking style that spurs paranormal possibilities.
Scott Gruenwald: Formally West Coast reporter for Paranormal Paparazzi at Travel Channel and Creator of ‘ The Stu ” seen on Ghost Adventures. And the original not funny paranormal comedian.
Oh Scott what would we do without your outrageousness and passion thank you for coming.
Janice Oberding: Research/historian investigator, has been involved in the paranormal for more than forty years.  The author of over a dozen books on the subject she is a former board member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP,) lectures on Nevada’s history, ghosts and haunted locations locally and across the country. She has produced paranormal events in Las Vegas, Goldfield, Reno, Virginia City and throughout Nevada.
Janice graced us with an abundance of insight about  her well authored subject.
Many creative vendors and friendly associations of the open-minded paranormal genre created a successful vibe that made us all want to celebrate the unity.
The investigation was wonderful and safe . Review of the nights investigation is next on my list. I will post any evidence here.
Thank You Castle Spirits for your devotion. You are a paranormal wonder team .