What Was That?

Spooky Tree

As serious as the business of paranormal investigation is, certain things are really starting to irk me.

  • The following phrases: What was that ? What the Hell ? and SHHHH. The big offender is when said group leader asks what was that then follows with SHHHH.
  • Devices registering EMF, motion, or static from my magnetic eyelashes DO NOT I repeat DO NOT go crazy, go nuts, or  go off the hook, they register information, or someone forgot to turn off their cell phone.
  • Investigators who zero in on the one person/ spirit with the worst possible history to enhance the spookiness. If someone were murdered I would hope they are not stuck at the crime scene for eternity. Their murderer maybe but not the victim.
  • The automatic assumption that everything is an EVP. That moan you heard is more than likely some ones belly after the 5 hour energy drink they threw back before the hunt, or some poor fool passing a kidney stone 2.2 miles away.
  • There is no need to carry lanterns in a dark modern home for the camp ghost story effect. Turn on the damn lights when you need to.
  • Please tell me that every once in a while Amy from Dead Files gets an EVP that tells her she is wrong. I volunteer to review every show.
  • Paranormal show editors who do not know which device is which. Example : The Lowe Files when a spirit box was called an Ovilus. Are you listening Bill Chappell ?
  • Speaking of the Ovilus , recently on Haunted Towns they got excited when the voice switched from male to female. It is a setting on the device people. I guess a ghost could do that.
  • Just once please admit that you did not change the batteries. OOPSIE