Um Excuse Me, Your Energy is Crooked

photoSo, you’ve been investigating the paranormal eh? Are you perhaps wondering what effect this might have on your day to day living? Does trying to connect to histories mysteries leave your energy field open for trouble? Open energy is a great thing but only if you protect yourself from harmful forces that could contaminate everything in your path. I recommend several things to keep your alignment with the good intact. Some investigators take a completely scientific approach and would not consider that their life force may be altered, for those this denial may indeed be a protection that stops infiltration of the good or bad. This is a method. Other investigators think everything is paranormal and therefore would be an open canvas for all energies unless they take precautions. A precaution described as placebo like for a perceived false sense of security would be a four leaf clover or a rabbits’ foot. I am pretty certain that a rabbits’ foot is not protection as it certainly wasn’t for the rabbit. A church blessed item would work in direct correlation with the strength of your faith. Keeping in mind that the pious are good targets for confused spirits looking for guidance.Attachments happen and no one is safe from them. Trying to discern what has gotten into you and combatting it is harder than actually creating a protective curtain prior to exposure. The glitch here would be if you are following a spiritual path you can begin to trust where you have been sent and rely on the fact that you have been guided there for a specific purpose. I have felt this before while volunteering at Fresno Flats Historical Park in Oakhurst California. While at this location I became a vessel for spirits who had some last requests. I became addicted to this location in an unsafe way allowing my thoughts to combine with the locations energy. I wondered why I was able to hear instruction subconsciously and abide. This is when I found my method. My protection is a bit Wiccan in origin. I always sweep my area of investigation not just with my eyes or ears but with a mental broom, and sometimes I whisk away energy with a real broom.This gives me control of the space( theoretically) for my time in it. No I did not sweep with a broom the entire Queen Mary Ship or Stanley Hotel but I sure swept my investigation area a) so spirits if they did exist there knew I was caring for the space and b) to give myself a barrier. Silliness you say? Completely allowed to be silly to anyone but very seriously it works for me. Taking a Reiki class also helped to keep my energy pure and washed. A mindful approach seems to be the moral of this cautionary tale. Being too open or too closed during paranormal research is not good for anyone. Beware of those people that think that nothing can happen to them. Spirits like them the best. Questions ? ask below in the comment section please.