Stay Attuned

I had my first Reiki Attunement this year after my mother’s death and the release was very cathartic for me. I wanted to embrace the Reiki principles with all my heart, however while immersed in the details of loss I knew it would be a rough go of it .In Reike training we are always supposed to remind ourselves not to get angry. The process of saying I will not get angry actually made me really angry I mean pissed off .So I re-read all my training and tried to re-absorb what I obviously missed the first go around. Oopsie-la. Okay okay I get it now. When anger would be my first initial reaction to many situations in our fucked up world it is no longer a valuable choice for me. Example: Recently while on a silly morning rant after trying on at least five different shirts I was looking hopelessly at them all in a lump on my bed.I said out loud to the universe ”Why are you stalling me this morning  universe?”I then heard in the distance the police and ambulance sirens and understood immediately. This kind of recognition sealed the deal for me. On these mornings when I am running late and cannot find something or anything for that matter in my manic state I understand now that the stall may have nothing to do with me but everything to do with spiritual choreography. I did not feel the magic of a great spiritual epiphany that morning but I was thankful. Thankful for that morning’s frustrations that perhaps saved me from harm by delaying my departure. When I forget my keys or cannot find my  cellphone I count on this as a gentle adjustment by spirit to keep me safe. Most people do not notice the tiny orchestrated spiritual miracles that happen every day.

I do!!!!
So my friends , When Reiki does strike pay attention! It is true that every time you do not let  anger win, a better result is in your future. Let Reiki strike you right on the kisser.