Queen Mary


Harbour Spirits

The Queen Mary a treasured ghostly destination for all. This Paranormal Conference brought people from all over the United States. The speakers were enthusiastic   and informative on subjects ranging from quantum mechanics and future life projection to team dynamics and religious protection. After a day of wrapping my brain around the aforementioned subjects I prepared for the paranormal investigation into the belly of this great ship. History will tell you that this ship saw some tragedies and I believe while in the cargo hold, I and fellow investigators Nick Johnson and Carla Negrete-Johnson observed and recorded a residual capture of evidence. The device being used was a computer probe that uses tones for recognition. Andy Coppock was the operator and while he asked questions of time and history a telegraphs typing sound typed out SOS in Morse- code several times. Followed by crying tones that did the same. As the group became compassionate the energy switched to a session where Father Adam Blai came in and tried to release or guide spirits who wished to go. I found most interesting the fact that this night’s timeline mirrored the order of the day’s lectures and called it a successful and mind expanding day and night.

 four minute clip