Spiritual Growth

I was recently called spiritually stunted and I am pretty sure that if I am not dead this is what I am supposed to be. What kind of person would have the nerve to hurl this intended barb ? The Pope ? Maybe. The Dali Lama? Probably not ,as insults are not the territory of the truly spiritual. So yes I am stunted,who isn’t ? I work on trying to create personal paranormal experiences for myself and others. I try to swim through my spirituality every day without leaving a wake of insults. However naiveté has to play in because like I said I am not dead yet. I would be more concerned with those who think they can opine on the dogma of someone else. The only spirituality that is right is the one that lets you see yourself in all your stunted glory with room for improvements every day. I seek to improve, I do not care of others opinions. I am always invited back to where I find spirituality and I suspect this is reward enough.

No Doubt

Wonder rather than doubt please, it is much more positive and much less accusatory.In the paranormal realm so often doubt is being cast by those who would never entertain a single other worldly notion. Well then,would these folks kindly excuse themselves as we are not here to defend against your doubt,we are here to expound on our hopes. When critics say that photos or evidence is manufactured we can assume (uh-oh) that it is doubt that propels this action and this is totally permissible but do not further insult by trying to squash our ambitions. Perhaps every paranormal moment is meant to be delivered to a specific participant to further their own perceptual journey. If your belief system includes ridiculing those who think differently than you do, the paranormal population is not for you. You will never find a more diverse crowd than those who examine the oddities of our existence. Why the necessity for perched naysayers? Perhaps to create conviction among  pro-sayers. However this is not to be confused with blind faith. Any true investigator would always allow for possibilities, but would never allow for reduced integrity by faking evidence. It may even be these said doubters who plant fake items to put the brakes on our progress. If this sounds cynical then I guess my paranoia is victory for the questioners of our work. My cynicism is always short lived as it transitions into a mindset of finding answers or even better,more questions. People will always want to debate.Negatively opinionated people want to debate endlessly and might be responsible for a lot of EVP ‘s.They just cannot let go.

I wonder.


Android Ghost Radar


  In this brief clip you will hear a short conversation about time and space and then I ask spirits to chime in and for three direct requests I get very good responses. Of course any of these apps is up for critique but when you see the correlations , you have to lend credence.

Anybody home?

Ghost shows and more ghost shows, some looking for fame or money, some looking for answers,most looking to focus on fear, snazzy black attire and conjuring the evil and maniacal dead. I am questioning whether there any happy spirits out there that do not dwell in the depths of hell or that are sandwiched between dimensions? Are there stuck children who are trapped in trauma? Why? An imprisoned priest or vanquished nun with unfinished work, really? You would think they would be versed in the directions to the afterlife. Why the focus on fear? Mainly because people will pay to be frightened. Therefore fear is profitable and fueled by dollars. Secondly by looking for darkness and evil in dark and evil places you are guaranteed success. My Mission: Can we find a place or places with happy well adjusted spirits that want to join us in a quest to find answers for our planets betterment? Oh wait that would be church right? Surprisingly paranormal investigating is the closest I have been to a faith. No one is telling me who or what to believe in. My spiritual journey is a mind opening and scientific endeavor that has no predetermined path. I can test my own theories, that when perused by great minds and scholars I will still be right as rain. One of my main reasons for choosing the paranormal realm was all the undetermined, illogical and unexplainable phenomena that leave great thinkers guessing. My paranormal education like everyone else is my gradual acceptance of no one knows.

Sierra Sky Ranch


In this image is a reflection of a reflection cast onto a brick fireplace exterior wall of Sierra Sky Ranch . As I was taking photos with a simple Canon digital camera I noticed the orange light orbs, two more of which can be spotted in the greenery upper left.Do spirits enter and leave through reflections?This highly active location has been a focus of many paranormal researchers.

Old School

Parabully,paradrama HELP  I need a parachute. It is no wonder that after immersing myself in the paranormal universe that chaos could unfold. We have skeptics and psychics and enthusiasts and attention junkies all wanting to explore an area where everyone is both right and wrong. A fine recipe for melodrama. After avoiding a few of these productions, I decided to concern myself with this website and some bullies even managed to find me here. Pointing their bony judgmental fingers in a grim reaper manner. So tell me, if you knew of a location where spirits were scaring and scarring children would you stay quiet or ask the spirits to actually approach children? I have witnessed all of this crazy behavior in this arena. On one investigation, I was touched by a spirit and jumped out of my seat and another investigator actually instructed the spirits to touch the children that were present, That is when I said enough is enough.

The spirits must just laugh at the audacity of people who insist that they know everything. Or that humans control the spirits at any given location because they are in charge. I will continue my research but will tread with caution watching out for the humans as they can ruin my learning process. The spirits on the other hand will let me learn without judgment on my journey. So I will take stage direction from the spirits and put them in charge. It will work out and do not worry I will always consider the safety of children first .




Damned Good

Rainbow 2_01-21-10Are you able to conceive of a world between worlds that can influence and shape events? Is it possible to communicate to other realms without feeling the negativity of all that has happened before us? I am here to suggest that if we remain in a positive, light-giving, mindset this work can be done. The work of paranormal investigators who seek out the most damaged of souls inhibit our planets’ possibilities. If you believe in this communication, and many do, then why would you purposefully try to go to the darkest locations to dredge up bad events and horrid history? This does not help those, like me, who are in a quest to influence the energies in a universe-altering, positive, flow. Profit-fueled fear can be a very dangerous animal and needs to be tamed. At paranormal conferences that I attend I see a mixture of skulls and sachets aimed at gathering revenue. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this – it is a prime example of American capitalism, and it represents how many people view the paranormal field. However, we must differentiate between spiritual realms and scary, horror-filled darkness. The reason ghosts are marketed as scary is because this is what sells. This image is not conducive to the progressive work that needs to be done to enhance our existence and understanding. I used go to decrepit locations, paying big dollars for a chance to get answers. This reeks of counter-productivity more than a smoldering sage cloud at a ghost hunt. The answers are all in front of us, wherever we are. Join me, the Paranormal Picker, on a mission for some positive pickin in this crazy adjustable world.