Wonderful Preston Castle Paracon 2015

Preston Paracon 2015
Castle Spirits handled this event with great precision. A very dedicated team to one another and the Preston Castle Foundation.
All proceeds were donated to the restoration of this magnificent historical landmark in Ione California .The meet and greet in the courtyard was set up lavishly with a dessert buffet for royalty. A hard working Chef and docent for the event spent the night before baking and kept working for the entire event. Saturdays speakers were a VIP list of the paranormal high ranking and they did not disappoint.
Loyd Auerbach, M.S.: Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations, has been investigating cases of apparitions, hauntings and poltergeists for over 30 years. Loyd is a Parapsychologist, Paranormal Investigator, Mentalist, Author and chocolatier. He has appeared on many Radio and Television Programs such as Larry King Live, Oprah, Chris Angel and David Letterman. He has also been featured on paranormal shows on such cable channels as Discovery, Travel, History and A&E.
Loyd was a most eloquent speaker of out of this world possibilities and paranormal receptivity. His presentation was worth the trip alone.
Other speakers included :
Barry Conrad: A professional videographer who has served as director of photography in the television industry on many features. In 1997, he released the acclaimed paranormal documentary, “An Unknown Encounter” which he also directed and produced.
Barry was very approachable and generous with knowledge.
David Deerfeeder: David Deerfeeder is a Multi-Sensate Medium and an ordained priest in the Old Catholic tradition. He is a member of the Solano County Paranormal team, serving as both investigator and medium. Fr. Dave’s awareness of his abilities began with a childhood near-death experience. While always highly intuitive, over the past 10 years he has fully embraced his work as a medium.
David rocked the event with his presentation and musical prowess with a most welcomed impromptu performance of guitar and song.
Jeff Dwyer, Ph.D.: Performs historical research as it pertains to ghostly and paranormal phenomena and investigates haunted sites using highly developed psychic methods that include remote viewing and psychometry.
Dr Dwyer has great speaking style that spurs paranormal possibilities.
Scott Gruenwald: Formally West Coast reporter for Paranormal Paparazzi at Travel Channel and Creator of ‘ The Stu ” seen on Ghost Adventures. And the original not funny paranormal comedian.
Oh Scott what would we do without your outrageousness and passion thank you for coming.
Janice Oberding: Research/historian investigator, has been involved in the paranormal for more than forty years.  The author of over a dozen books on the subject she is a former board member of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP,) lectures on Nevada’s history, ghosts and haunted locations locally and across the country. She has produced paranormal events in Las Vegas, Goldfield, Reno, Virginia City and throughout Nevada.
Janice graced us with an abundance of insight about  her well authored subject.
Many creative vendors and friendly associations of the open-minded paranormal genre created a successful vibe that made us all want to celebrate the unity.
The investigation was wonderful and safe . Review of the nights investigation is next on my list. I will post any evidence here.
Thank You Castle Spirits for your devotion. You are a paranormal wonder team .

My John Edward Experience in 3D

I attended the John Edward Event in Fresno, California at the beautifully restored Tower Theatre.  In my daily meditations before the event my thought process allowed a glimpse of John wanting to do a reading of me, and my spirits and guides in their generous style were saying to him that I really did not need a message because my beliefs in their existence was unwavering. Was this premonitory? Absolutely! What I learned and divinely accepted that night of the event was indeed incredibly dimensional. Here is the request letter that I sent to my chosen attendees.
Hello friends,
This message is to ask for your participation in an editorial/blog about your John Edward experience. An article will be written about your answers to my questions. The reason you have been chosen is because of my unique relationship with each of you. You will have complete say so of what I use so please take this opportunity to get your word out about spiritual work.
Carla Negrete-Johnson: My lifetime friend and in the seat to my right that evening. This was our second John Edward event together. Carla I need your opinion clearly for your intelligence and selfishly because I value it.
Michelle Goyette: Psychic Worker on your way up, and an inspiration to me. I need your honesty here and I know you are adept at honesty. In your answers could you mention John’s use of the word butterfly and how we are connected by that word. John seemed a bit annoyed to mention it because it is a time and time again symbol for him but he still mentioned it. For us perhaps.

Question 1. Has it changed how you feel about life?
Question 2. Has it changed how you feel about death?
Question 3. Could Psychic Spirituality heal our planet?
Contact me or just reply to this message. Short or long answers welcome and appreciated and credit will go to each of you or if you so desire you may remain anonymous.

Below are my received responses for which I am very grateful and my own answers also.

Carla’s Responses:
Question 1. Has it changed how you feel about life?
Watching John doesn’t change how I feel about life, but anytime I see someone on his level doing his thing, I am reminded that what we know about our lives here on earth is so minimal compared to what there is still to learn. As a skeptic, albeit an open-minded one, I don’t ascribe this phenomena to something “magical” and believe that there is an explanation for these special skills that only some of us are able to use. Do we all have this ability, but only some are able to utilize it? Science has explained so much that at one time was “unexplainable” to the people of the past, and I believe that keeping an open mind and allowing the opportunities to study this phenomena (ESP, ghost sightings, etc.) – without prejudice – will eventually yield results that can contribute to our progression as intelligent beings.
Question 2. Has it changed how you feel about death?
Years ago when I started seeing John on TV (as well as others) and the accuracy with which they would present such specific information to those they were reading (far beyond the “cold readings” that closed-minded skeptics accuse all of them of doing), I realized that death isn’t frightening at all. At best, our energy continues and there’s a peace on the other side that makes our existence in this life insignificant, and at worst, if none of that is true, there is nothing at all and we’re not going to be aware of anything anyway. As an Atheist, I don’t believe there is an overlord, heaven, or hell, so I don’t live my life in fear of some form of punishment awaiting me. I still get creeped out worrying about how I’m going to die, however.
Question 3. Could Psychic Spirituality heal our planet?
I think the only way to heal our planet at this point is to pay attention to the science of the environment and what is needed to keep the earth and all living things healthy and safe, combined with the kindness and awareness of the collective “us” and the positive energy that it generates, in hopes we will all work in unity to save our planet before it’s too late.
Michelle’s Responses:
My experience to witness world renowned psychic medium, John Edward, give a live audience reading here in my hometown of Fresno, was a gift from my mother–she purchased tickets and surprised me. I have read almost all of his books among others I admire and look up to.
Question 1: Has it changed how you feel about life? No…..I only have even more gratitude and frustration for this thing we call life. The perils and joys and lessons–they are all worth it in the very end–that info I believe, and John Edward touched on that a bit in the beginning when he connected with a woman who lost her child and she accepted death as not a final destination, but transformation and journey, which in turn, got her going on her own spiritual adventure. That is what I love about death–transformation, the real journey.
John Edward mentioned the symbolism of butterflies when spirits show they come around. I get it often as well during readings. I feel he wants to break the mold and not lean on a cliché note of butterflies being referenced– that’s all. However, This is why when you left that tiny envelope on the table after I gave my very first ever group reading session, I felt immense joy and peace after everyone left. I was on a spiritual high- trying to stay sane, because when I opened up the envelope and read the word “butterfly” on the card– I knew that you got it. You knew. You understood. One word. Butterfly. It said it all. It didn’t take elaborate, fancy words or dollar bills–all it took was one word that encompassed death and transformation. You gave me trust and respect– two things that authentic psychic mediums go up against when forging ahead in an unconventional public career. I will never forget that moment and how it has affected me so deeply. It is going in my book as one of the humbling and defining moments in my spiritual journey.
Question 2: Has it changed how you feel about death?
It gives me even more peace and reassurance.
Question 3: Could psychic spiritually heal our planet?
Why not? Every thought we have carries an energetic frequency to match up with others and the more positive and awareness of this truth can only lead to a united wholeness as Spirit truly teaches–we are .

PPicker’s response: I believed the reason I was there was to tie our experiences together. It felt like I was outside myself and just above what was happening. During the event I felt one step ahead of John. What a pompous thing to say right? Not meant to be. I was proud of myself for elevating my spirituality to a level where a reading for myself was not my motivation. I was trying to access the frequency that John provides to all who will listen and it seemed to work. To my surprise I watched as a childhood friend across the room got answers that I knew she deserved and was waiting to hear. This was something that could not have been faked, it was concrete to me. Okay now my answers
Question 1: Has it changed how you feel about life?
Indeed it has. I got reassurance about the interwoven fabric of spirit around us and how we can benefit from these cosmic blankets on a comforting level.

Question 2: Has  it changed how you feel about death?
Well not really, I am still a little scared of the transition but hey at least I believe there is a transition. I look forward to what could be a graduated existence. I still wonder which is what I have always done Wonder wins always.
Question 3. Could Psychic Spirituality heal our planet?
Not only could it heal our planet , I believe it may be our only shot at this point. Tapping into higher levels is the only way to see and admit our errors in the confused state of humanity today.

Thank You to Carla Negrete-Johnson for your sensible contribution. Your answer to question three floored me with admiration.
Thank You to Michellle Goyette for your eloquent words and keep up the good psychic work you make a difference.

Thank You John Edward for being John Edward.

Nice To Meet You Max

The room was low lit and meditation music was gently filtering in. Max was placed front and center atop his autumn colored display.

We opened with the solid vocals of  Barb Heintzelman. This woman has a pitch perfect vibrato that could melt butter.

 Dr. Salo Stanley was all about that  bass and beat .The energy of the room was palpable with spirit. For those who do not know of Dr. Salo Stanley, where have you been? This spiritual dynamo has been part of Central California Spiritualism for many years now and has a tap into galactic knowledge that we all need to hear. Also an artist and sound healer, it was she and Barb who have the JoAnn Parks connection and arranged for the Max Experience in Clovis.

JoAnn introduced us to Max and told his tale of discovery, scrutiny and even some humor. Clearly her speaking style is open, friendly and honest. She herself is also in wonder about her travels with Max and how he has shaped her life. All those in attendance were very curious in their inspections of this living quartz. I will not waste time or energy on skepticism. To be skeptical is okay but to attend an event to purposefully  kill hope for others would be downright rude. JoAnn’s message was about individual truths and how said truths help us learn in our present existence. Perhaps a meeting with Max could enhance our experience with our inner selves and then in turn help future civilization. We talked about the important study of genetic memory. More about that at this link.


We wrapped up our evening with everyone getting a chance to greet Max and touch him briefly. We all had a different approach.Some cradled Max some kissed Max, I chanted to Max and offered him chakra breathe. I am now wondering after feeling the extra energy. Does Max leaves miracles in his wake? More to study, always more to study

Thank you to Barb Heintzelman ,CMT, RMT www.barbhcmt.com

Thank you to Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C. www.salosounds.com

Thank You JoAnn Parks   www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kw39xencN8

Thank you Max max

Stay Attuned

I had my first Reiki Attunement this year after my mother’s death and the release was very cathartic for me. I wanted to embrace the Reiki principles with all my heart, however while immersed in the details of loss I knew it would be a rough go of it .In Reike training we are always supposed to remind ourselves not to get angry. The process of saying I will not get angry actually made me really angry I mean pissed off .So I re-read all my training and tried to re-absorb what I obviously missed the first go around. Oopsie-la. Okay okay I get it now. When anger would be my first initial reaction to many situations in our fucked up world it is no longer a valuable choice for me. Example: Recently while on a silly morning rant after trying on at least five different shirts I was looking hopelessly at them all in a lump on my bed.I said out loud to the universe ”Why are you stalling me this morning  universe?”I then heard in the distance the police and ambulance sirens and understood immediately. This kind of recognition sealed the deal for me. On these mornings when I am running late and cannot find something or anything for that matter in my manic state I understand now that the stall may have nothing to do with me but everything to do with spiritual choreography. I did not feel the magic of a great spiritual epiphany that morning but I was thankful. Thankful for that morning’s frustrations that perhaps saved me from harm by delaying my departure. When I forget my keys or cannot find my  cellphone I count on this as a gentle adjustment by spirit to keep me safe. Most people do not notice the tiny orchestrated spiritual miracles that happen every day.

I do!!!!
So my friends , When Reiki does strike pay attention! It is true that every time you do not let  anger win, a better result is in your future. Let Reiki strike you right on the kisser.



~Psychics Heal the Paranormal

Inner Peace
Inner Peace

When psychics are also paranormal investigators, do you think they are swayed by spirit to locations where other psychics were mistakenly institutionalized? In captive times of medicated stupor and submission in sanitariums across our country I wonder why a psychic ghost would linger in torment. Death certainly would be that open door to freedom that they longed for in their mortal shell. Once free from earthly bounds, what would cause a spirit to remain in a realm of despair? Or is it despair at all? Do we in our death oriented fears assume that spirits are trapped? The term trapped spirit really has an effect on me. Trapped by what? Trapped by guilt or by time or trapped by God or Satan? I want to understand what the purpose is for a bank of spiritual energy in between reality and infinity. What exists within the fabric that creates the mysteries around us? Could it possibly be that spirits are exactly where they want to be? Okay enough questions , let me make up some answers. God or Satan wouldn’t hold a spirit hostage. In most religious arenas it is clear that you will either go one way or the other. A neutral gray area has to exist for the indeterminate atheist and scientific folks. This is where the psychics get to swoop in and connect the dots. Psychics cushion the blow as they bend time and space into sensible tid bits. Whether it be a death medium ,spirit medium, angel aligner or soothsayer, It would not hurt to let a little healing take place. Open your mind to the science of spiritual power. We influence our surroundings with our beliefs and some well-placed healing energy can only help.

Core Grief

DSC00192One never knows when grief can attack. You hold in your feelings while adrenalin anesthetizes you through times of trouble. Then one day clarity smacks you in the face, and announces, hey you there in the black your Mom is dead .Yes the one who created you is no longer here to validate your existence. Well screw you clarity of death I did not need your announcement and nor did my Mother. The way we grieve is so varied that anyone that tries to explain the steps of transition including, anger, sadness, guilt or whatever the next wave of emotions is, sounds trivial and callous. The sting does not go away until well, never it never goes away. From the prior paragraph you could summarize that it is anger that I am steeped in. Not the case. I am not angry at my Mom for dying. I am curiosity stricken at everyone examining my acceptance of it. Trying to accelerate me into previously mentioned emotions. My Mom was ready to go, not ready to die. She knew she would be graduating to a higher form and in all our discussions prior to her graduation we had affirmations in place so that I and she would know when she made it to her next level. She made it! So I am happy for her. I am sad that everyone wants to talk about her deterioration and not her spectacular life. I am pissed off that death sometimes brings out the worst in those left behind. As I go through her personal belongings I can see that the things that had the most value to her would be useless to anyone else. Do I care if things are doled out in birth orderly increments? Absolutely not. I would rather not go through her history trying to assign a value to items long forgotten. I do love her more after finding a lock of my baby hair with ribbon attached right next to my first kindergarten masterpiece. There in a pillow case was my favorite Teddy Bear with the mouth drawn on in her famous Peone Pink lipstick. Priceless. Mama knew of my fascination with the paranormal and she entertained my theories because my Grandmother was also a Mystic. I did not get my great lessons of the afterlife at any notably haunted location. I got my confirmations in little personal moments that defy explanation. So which is it, do we desire or require the great messages so badly that spirits allow them to happen ? Or, does death cause a hyper-awareness adrenalin included to self- provide comfort? Why do I notice my similarities to her in a new light ? Simply when you choose to reflect, your reflection changes, even in the mirror. I  now see a woman whose core grief has done its job and a celebration has to begin to be thankful for life. So rest Mama rest.

Um Excuse Me, Your Energy is Crooked

photoSo, you’ve been investigating the paranormal eh? Are you perhaps wondering what effect this might have on your day to day living? Does trying to connect to histories mysteries leave your energy field open for trouble? Open energy is a great thing but only if you protect yourself from harmful forces that could contaminate everything in your path. I recommend several things to keep your alignment with the good intact. Some investigators take a completely scientific approach and would not consider that their life force may be altered, for those this denial may indeed be a protection that stops infiltration of the good or bad. This is a method. Other investigators think everything is paranormal and therefore would be an open canvas for all energies unless they take precautions. A precaution described as placebo like for a perceived false sense of security would be a four leaf clover or a rabbits’ foot. I am pretty certain that a rabbits’ foot is not protection as it certainly wasn’t for the rabbit. A church blessed item would work in direct correlation with the strength of your faith. Keeping in mind that the pious are good targets for confused spirits looking for guidance.Attachments happen and no one is safe from them. Trying to discern what has gotten into you and combatting it is harder than actually creating a protective curtain prior to exposure. The glitch here would be if you are following a spiritual path you can begin to trust where you have been sent and rely on the fact that you have been guided there for a specific purpose. I have felt this before while volunteering at Fresno Flats Historical Park in Oakhurst California. While at this location I became a vessel for spirits who had some last requests. I became addicted to this location in an unsafe way allowing my thoughts to combine with the locations energy. I wondered why I was able to hear instruction subconsciously and abide. This is when I found my method. My protection is a bit Wiccan in origin. I always sweep my area of investigation not just with my eyes or ears but with a mental broom, and sometimes I whisk away energy with a real broom.This gives me control of the space( theoretically) for my time in it. No I did not sweep with a broom the entire Queen Mary Ship or Stanley Hotel but I sure swept my investigation area a) so spirits if they did exist there knew I was caring for the space and b) to give myself a barrier. Silliness you say? Completely allowed to be silly to anyone but very seriously it works for me. Taking a Reiki class also helped to keep my energy pure and washed. A mindful approach seems to be the moral of this cautionary tale. Being too open or too closed during paranormal research is not good for anyone. Beware of those people that think that nothing can happen to them. Spirits like them the best. Questions ? ask below in the comment section please.

Eye Know

Eye know (2)

After almost a decade of investigating the paranormal I have come to conclude that I know nothing. This is a good thing for these following reasons; it is bad enough that all the worst current events are broadcast at me at an alarming and often incorrect fashion, if I was to absorb the miseries of another realm my head might explode. I know that when the universe needs me in a human capacity to help an animal or if I must another person I will oblige. I would rather help creatures because people can help themselves. This may sound mean but it is a filter I have for protection as I know my limits. Another reason is mystery is hecka fun. I want moment after moment of jaw dropping aghast what the hell just happened kinda kick in the paranormal pants. I also want curiosity until my dying day. When I get what is considered some or any evidence I believe it is often just for me anyway. These are the victories I come to accept as advancement. Yes, I promote myself daily just for trying to tune in to another realm. It seems in a way to make my life bigger, and if I am doing it right perhaps an alignment occurs a hopeful alignment. A bridging that only few dare.

P Picker