~We Wanted Something

WE WANTED SOMETHINGWe start this review of a shack hack session and I ask what card am I holding and a voice says  LUCKY.  We all say WOW because the card was a seven. You will hear a break in the radio reception and a three word sentence of WE WANTED SOMETHING This very deep voice startles us all and as the energy rises, we also hear OPEN A WINDOW   more than once. All this while the device is scanning 20-50 channels per minute. This is why immediate playback is a very good idea on any investigation. We did open a window literally and spiritually.



October Mockery

Fire and Water
Fire and Water

Mid October, perhaps the only time of the year that mortals care about ghosts or spirits as much as I do. I get requests from all over the world from those who want me to travel to be scared somewhere dank and dark. Shall I choose to entertain mockery in a grave yard , or go to a historically horrific crime scene to poop my pants? I get a little miffed yeah I said miffed because I couldn’t say pissed after I just pooped my pants. Why then when we take our field so seriously do we have to resort to spooky marketing measures to get our spirit theories out there? I do love and miss the days of home-made costumes, candy apples and trick or treat treks. I remember sprinting past old lady Pritchett’s house so she wouldn’t cook and eat me like the fate of poor Hansel and Gretel. So, mid complaint about mid-October I see that I too like the scary parts. I am a walking contradiction when I am raising funds for a children’s cause by trying to communicate with the dead. I am actually feeding this monster. I understand the beast now, we have to separate the emotions from the mission. Just like Santa is a less serious part of holiday celebrations so can a Zombie be a less serious part of a Halloween celebration. How dare I compare Christmas and Halloween! Well dare taken because I care more about the latter. There is less restriction in the scope of the belief. I did not just say I worship Satan or Santa for that matter  which is how extremists would interpret my sentence. I said I like the freedom of Halloween spirituality more than the restrictions of politically correct holiday jargon. So often, conquering our fears is the teacher better than any other. Spirits know when you are ready for a message even if it is only one cold windy night at the end of October. So I will participate in the madness with a mixed bag of sage and salt and fresh undies just in case.

A voi dance

Abandoned Dance Hall Awahnee California
Abandoned Dance Hall
Awahnee California

Avoidance, the dance that brings procrastinators together

Weaving time to its advantage

Pirouetting commitment off our shoulders

Leaping from the responsibilities that bind us

Where tackling the job takes less time and effort

The joy of leading the avoidance outweighs trivial task completion

Always keeping close notes

As to pull out the stops at an opportune moment.


One Shoe

One Shoe






No sugar in my coffee, I don’t know what to do,

No sugar in my coffee, I feel like one shoe.

No butter on my biscuit, I wish it weren’t true.

No butter on my biscuit, I feel like one shoe.

I ponder what left that shoe without right.

Cast to the roadside late one night.

Always always one shoe abandoned laying there

Always always one shoe only the other shoe cares.

Flash Me

Flash Me

Yes here I am again playing in the dark at Preston Castle. This video has garnered the PPicker some media attention or, we are getting close to Halloween and that is when attention gets thrown our way. Although flashlight sessions are always to be reviewed skeptically. I felt I had some good direct responses with this ON/OFF button flashlight. It was not the twist top variety. I got responses to most questions including  a great response after I ask do you like that we are finding new ways to communicate?

At the 2 minute 50 second mark I feel a tap to my camera the video shows this. I then ask did you touch my camera and I get a response again. I end the clip playing a music box as I promised and for several sessions after this one I was again asked to play music.

Always a thrill to get correspondence.





Michelle Helps Find The Light


Crystal Tree Room Ceiling
Crystal Tree Room Ceiling

Psychic Medium Michelle Goyette is a real deal psychic here in the Central Valley. She soon may have to find a bigger venue. The Crystal Tree Room filled up quickly and the crowd whispered with excitement before the evening’s group reading. Fifty or so inquisitive minds gathered. Mostly were woman but the men that were in attendance were eager as well. I found this refreshing as I would have to drag most of the men in my life kicking and screaming to such a “sensitive” event. I sensed evolution at work. Michelle’s entrance elegant and welcoming was to put all at ease. Her sense of humor and natural ability to capture our attention was evident from the get go. Although the air conditioning was not playing nice that night she kept her cool. Several times throughout our two hours together Michelle mentioned a suicide and was not getting a response. I thought maybe a suicide had occurred at our location and that is why no one was validating it for her. Again when she got the message of suicide and mentioned perhaps a hanging. Her voice said a hanging but her body language went up to cover her face. I thought this was interesting and as the evening progressed I understood why this moment stood out to me. She knew someone wasn’t talking and this halted the getting or giving of spirit message. It took the very last few moments of the gallery reading for a participant to find the courage to mention the suicide in her life. Then one validation after another occurred for this woman who lost a twin sister to suicide. You could feel the relief in the room. The reluctance left the building.  I was so happy that the woman in the audience finally found the courage. Extreme heaps of admiration go to Michelle for her fortitude and persistence. You were a joy to observe, and bring peace to many.
Please check out Michelle for yourself, she does gallery and private readings.