~P Picker yep


_Inside Out


Paranormal Picker wha’? The term originated with me. I have been drawn to old sentimental objects for as long as I can remember. I feel the imprints of time on objects or places and have even experienced vivid pictures of history while digging in the earth. I believe that we all have the ability to feel the legends around us. Perhaps because I was blind for the first few months of life my tactile and hearing sensors remained on high alert. The Picker moniker happened naturally as I made myself familiar with every thrift and antique store within a fifty mile radius of wherever I called home. On one of these fine adventures into lore I caught myself looking at things that I would not have given a glance to normally. I started with some odd fifties era dishes and then added a few other souvenir items from Yosemite and then I spotted from across the store a hideous avocado green bread box that actually had a gravitational pull on my psyche. I felt relief when my hands reached it. I did not know why. Did it remind me of my child hood? NO. I opened it and found a matching plate to the dishes that were already in my stack .Weird, I thought how did that happen? I proceeded to the counter and the clerk whose name was Bella told me that I had almost completely reassembled a box of items that she had put on the shelves that morning. I put many things that had come from another location back together again. I could have saved her some work had I just come in a little earlier. Accidental, coincidental, or intentional this all struck me as something I needed to explore. The hideous green bread box now holds garden supplies on my patio and the dishes are each under a flower pot all very close to one another as the spirits suggested. Fruition for the Paranormal Picker.