What do you do in a life filled up with nanosecond news breaking details? You learn how to make predictions and premonitions of course. The fast pace of our world has forced this issue now more than ever.I was called on in   November 2010 to a prediction challenge  I accepted it with trepidation.  I had never tried to predict the future but was well aware of my sensory abilities and thought maybe I could exercise them into shape with a time challenge. I started my challenge with fasting for a day and then a morning meditation where I just looked at a calendar for the upcoming year 2011.Pictures started to form in my front brain, I felt them materializing in between my eyes .The first vision being a red kimono floating in water. I was very curious about what my mind had showed me .I asked for more. A shocking image followed of a casket in the old west days perched up to show the bad guy and the man I saw in the casket was Osama Bin Laden. This was so vivid and somewhat confusing. What I was being shown conflicted with normalcy. A turban wearing terrorist in  a casket with some saloon doors behind him. Wow mental image noted.When I started to pen my visions I thought to myself now is a good time to add a prediction that I wanted to see . I predicted a new face to the paranormal that would reinforce a positive mindset. My last prediction was made in an attempt to bring truth to the UFO arena and we all know that even if this did happen before my predicted date of July 28 2011,we probably would not have heard about it. So I still wait for fruition on this matter or maybe even old evidence that would produce itself as irrefutable.

So in order my exact predictions were.

1) An Earthquake takes out Japan.

2) Osama Bin Laden killed by one of his own.

3) A mindset of positivity to change the paranormal world.

4) UFO proof before July 28th 2011.

The first two premonitions happened in order . It was really overwhelming to me. It’s not like I could be proud of thousands upon thousands of lives lost because I was right. Bittersweet to say the least. When Osama Bin Laden was killed I was frightened by my accuracy and mad that I could not have been more of a prognosticator in my own life. Maybe the factors for the predictions were already indicated in my present world and it was not a prediction at all. Just luck of the draw. In closing I leave an opening as it should be. My predictions for 2011 can be viewed here.


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