Old School

Parabully,paradrama HELP  I need a parachute. It is no wonder that after immersing myself in the paranormal universe that chaos could unfold. We have skeptics and psychics and enthusiasts and attention junkies all wanting to explore an area where everyone is both right and wrong. A fine recipe for melodrama. After avoiding a few of these productions, I decided to concern myself with this website and some bullies even managed to find me here. Pointing their bony judgmental fingers in a grim reaper manner. So tell me, if you knew of a location where spirits were scaring and scarring children would you stay quiet or ask the spirits to actually approach children? I have witnessed all of this crazy behavior in this arena. On one investigation, I was touched by a spirit and jumped out of my seat and another investigator actually instructed the spirits to touch the children that were present, That is when I said enough is enough.

The spirits must just laugh at the audacity of people who insist that they know everything. Or that humans control the spirits at any given location because they are in charge. I will continue my research but will tread with caution watching out for the humans as they can ruin my learning process. The spirits on the other hand will let me learn without judgment on my journey. So I will take stage direction from the spirits and put them in charge. It will work out and do not worry I will always consider the safety of children first .