Oh Holy Shit

Oh Holy Shit

2015 a year of  joy somewhere not here!

This year, even the most Reiki infused were challenged to a doom duel.

A year end synopsis of rosy highlights is not fuckin’ happenin’ here.

Realistic is my motto for this year of ick.

The bliss is for those with blinders as our war-torn, poverty tattered and terrorist littered freedoms are challenged by the millisecond to battle social media and politically moronic hyper powers that be.

The sweet tweet  hashtag universe of sarcasm and fame whores has permeated cyber space in a glee sucking vacuum.

When murders and suicides are used as click bait fodder and everyone wants a piece of this proverbial pitiful pie.

Where paranormal non-believers scoff at our efforts as non-scientific and or the believers accuse us of  inducing chaos via demons. No middle ground. Make up your mind people.

Who can honestly say that trying to elevate ourselves one level up at a time in our quest for spirituality is a bad thing ?  NO ONE So mind your damn business!

What does it take to heal the children and animals that suffer? This should be our only question.



Fire and Water