No Doubt

Wonder rather than doubt please, it is much more positive and much less accusatory.In the paranormal realm so often doubt is being cast by those who would never entertain a single other worldly notion. Well then,would these folks kindly excuse themselves as we are not here to defend against your doubt,we are here to expound on our hopes. When critics say that photos or evidence is manufactured we can assume (uh-oh) that it is doubt that propels this action and this is totally permissible but do not further insult by trying to squash our ambitions. Perhaps every paranormal moment is meant to be delivered to a specific participant to further their own perceptual journey. If your belief system includes ridiculing those who think differently than you do, the paranormal population is not for you. You will never find a more diverse crowd than those who examine the oddities of our existence. Why the necessity for perched naysayers? Perhaps to create conviction among  pro-sayers. However this is not to be confused with blind faith. Any true investigator would always allow for possibilities, but would never allow for reduced integrity by faking evidence. It may even be these said doubters who plant fake items to put the brakes on our progress. If this sounds cynical then I guess my paranoia is victory for the questioners of our work. My cynicism is always short lived as it transitions into a mindset of finding answers or even better,more questions. People will always want to debate.Negatively opinionated people want to debate endlessly and might be responsible for a lot of EVP ‘s.They just cannot let go.

I wonder.