Nice To Meet You Max

The room was low lit and meditation music was gently filtering in. Max was placed front and center atop his autumn colored display.

We opened with the solid vocals of  Barb Heintzelman. This woman has a pitch perfect vibrato that could melt butter.

 Dr. Salo Stanley was all about that  bass and beat .The energy of the room was palpable with spirit. For those who do not know of Dr. Salo Stanley, where have you been? This spiritual dynamo has been part of Central California Spiritualism for many years now and has a tap into galactic knowledge that we all need to hear. Also an artist and sound healer, it was she and Barb who have the JoAnn Parks connection and arranged for the Max Experience in Clovis.

JoAnn introduced us to Max and told his tale of discovery, scrutiny and even some humor. Clearly her speaking style is open, friendly and honest. She herself is also in wonder about her travels with Max and how he has shaped her life. All those in attendance were very curious in their inspections of this living quartz. I will not waste time or energy on skepticism. To be skeptical is okay but to attend an event to purposefully  kill hope for others would be downright rude. JoAnn’s message was about individual truths and how said truths help us learn in our present existence. Perhaps a meeting with Max could enhance our experience with our inner selves and then in turn help future civilization. We talked about the important study of genetic memory. More about that at this link.

We wrapped up our evening with everyone getting a chance to greet Max and touch him briefly. We all had a different approach.Some cradled Max some kissed Max, I chanted to Max and offered him chakra breathe. I am now wondering after feeling the extra energy. Does Max leaves miracles in his wake? More to study, always more to study

Thank you to Barb Heintzelman ,CMT, RMT

Thank you to Dr. Salo Stanley, D.C.

Thank You JoAnn Parks

Thank you Max max