My John Edward Experience in 3D

I attended the John Edward Event in Fresno, California at the beautifully restored Tower Theatre.  In my daily meditations before the event my thought process allowed a glimpse of John wanting to do a reading of me, and my spirits and guides in their generous style were saying to him that I really did not need a message because my beliefs in their existence was unwavering. Was this premonitory? Absolutely! What I learned and divinely accepted that night of the event was indeed incredibly dimensional. Here is the request letter that I sent to my chosen attendees.
Hello friends,
This message is to ask for your participation in an editorial/blog about your John Edward experience. An article will be written about your answers to my questions. The reason you have been chosen is because of my unique relationship with each of you. You will have complete say so of what I use so please take this opportunity to get your word out about spiritual work.
Carla Negrete-Johnson: My lifetime friend and in the seat to my right that evening. This was our second John Edward event together. Carla I need your opinion clearly for your intelligence and selfishly because I value it.
Michelle Goyette: Psychic Worker on your way up, and an inspiration to me. I need your honesty here and I know you are adept at honesty. In your answers could you mention John’s use of the word butterfly and how we are connected by that word. John seemed a bit annoyed to mention it because it is a time and time again symbol for him but he still mentioned it. For us perhaps.

Question 1. Has it changed how you feel about life?
Question 2. Has it changed how you feel about death?
Question 3. Could Psychic Spirituality heal our planet?
Contact me or just reply to this message. Short or long answers welcome and appreciated and credit will go to each of you or if you so desire you may remain anonymous.

Below are my received responses for which I am very grateful and my own answers also.

Carla’s Responses:
Question 1. Has it changed how you feel about life?
Watching John doesn’t change how I feel about life, but anytime I see someone on his level doing his thing, I am reminded that what we know about our lives here on earth is so minimal compared to what there is still to learn. As a skeptic, albeit an open-minded one, I don’t ascribe this phenomena to something “magical” and believe that there is an explanation for these special skills that only some of us are able to use. Do we all have this ability, but only some are able to utilize it? Science has explained so much that at one time was “unexplainable” to the people of the past, and I believe that keeping an open mind and allowing the opportunities to study this phenomena (ESP, ghost sightings, etc.) – without prejudice – will eventually yield results that can contribute to our progression as intelligent beings.
Question 2. Has it changed how you feel about death?
Years ago when I started seeing John on TV (as well as others) and the accuracy with which they would present such specific information to those they were reading (far beyond the “cold readings” that closed-minded skeptics accuse all of them of doing), I realized that death isn’t frightening at all. At best, our energy continues and there’s a peace on the other side that makes our existence in this life insignificant, and at worst, if none of that is true, there is nothing at all and we’re not going to be aware of anything anyway. As an Atheist, I don’t believe there is an overlord, heaven, or hell, so I don’t live my life in fear of some form of punishment awaiting me. I still get creeped out worrying about how I’m going to die, however.
Question 3. Could Psychic Spirituality heal our planet?
I think the only way to heal our planet at this point is to pay attention to the science of the environment and what is needed to keep the earth and all living things healthy and safe, combined with the kindness and awareness of the collective “us” and the positive energy that it generates, in hopes we will all work in unity to save our planet before it’s too late.
Michelle’s Responses:
My experience to witness world renowned psychic medium, John Edward, give a live audience reading here in my hometown of Fresno, was a gift from my mother–she purchased tickets and surprised me. I have read almost all of his books among others I admire and look up to.
Question 1: Has it changed how you feel about life? No…..I only have even more gratitude and frustration for this thing we call life. The perils and joys and lessons–they are all worth it in the very end–that info I believe, and John Edward touched on that a bit in the beginning when he connected with a woman who lost her child and she accepted death as not a final destination, but transformation and journey, which in turn, got her going on her own spiritual adventure. That is what I love about death–transformation, the real journey.
John Edward mentioned the symbolism of butterflies when spirits show they come around. I get it often as well during readings. I feel he wants to break the mold and not lean on a cliché note of butterflies being referenced– that’s all. However, This is why when you left that tiny envelope on the table after I gave my very first ever group reading session, I felt immense joy and peace after everyone left. I was on a spiritual high- trying to stay sane, because when I opened up the envelope and read the word “butterfly” on the card– I knew that you got it. You knew. You understood. One word. Butterfly. It said it all. It didn’t take elaborate, fancy words or dollar bills–all it took was one word that encompassed death and transformation. You gave me trust and respect– two things that authentic psychic mediums go up against when forging ahead in an unconventional public career. I will never forget that moment and how it has affected me so deeply. It is going in my book as one of the humbling and defining moments in my spiritual journey.
Question 2: Has it changed how you feel about death?
It gives me even more peace and reassurance.
Question 3: Could psychic spiritually heal our planet?
Why not? Every thought we have carries an energetic frequency to match up with others and the more positive and awareness of this truth can only lead to a united wholeness as Spirit truly teaches–we are .

PPicker’s response: I believed the reason I was there was to tie our experiences together. It felt like I was outside myself and just above what was happening. During the event I felt one step ahead of John. What a pompous thing to say right? Not meant to be. I was proud of myself for elevating my spirituality to a level where a reading for myself was not my motivation. I was trying to access the frequency that John provides to all who will listen and it seemed to work. To my surprise I watched as a childhood friend across the room got answers that I knew she deserved and was waiting to hear. This was something that could not have been faked, it was concrete to me. Okay now my answers
Question 1: Has it changed how you feel about life?
Indeed it has. I got reassurance about the interwoven fabric of spirit around us and how we can benefit from these cosmic blankets on a comforting level.

Question 2: Has  it changed how you feel about death?
Well not really, I am still a little scared of the transition but hey at least I believe there is a transition. I look forward to what could be a graduated existence. I still wonder which is what I have always done Wonder wins always.
Question 3. Could Psychic Spirituality heal our planet?
Not only could it heal our planet , I believe it may be our only shot at this point. Tapping into higher levels is the only way to see and admit our errors in the confused state of humanity today.

Thank You to Carla Negrete-Johnson for your sensible contribution. Your answer to question three floored me with admiration.
Thank You to Michellle Goyette for your eloquent words and keep up the good psychic work you make a difference.

Thank You John Edward for being John Edward.