Happy Birthday

Oakhurst California

July 21 2009

I and the all female team PJ Paranormal were investigating the Laramore-Lyman House in the Fresno Flats Historical Park in Oakhurst CA.we were using a shack hack spirit box and had timed our event to correlate with the Solar Eclipse. As we began to listen to the scanning device, We all hear a male say Happy Birthday To You and you can hear us repeat it in shock . Then someone asks whose birthday is it and the response is  Pam Happy Birthday PamAn investigator then asks who is wishing Pam  Happy Birthday and the answer is immediate  DAD. I then say It could only be my Dad then someone asks is this Harley? I correct them saying Harvey as this was his name and the answer is a distinct YES. I then say thanks Dad I love you……… and yes this miracle happened. The answer back was, I love you too. My reaction was over joyous weeping. Thank You Universe for this moment

  head phones help, but are not necessary.