Eye Know

Eye know (2)

After almost a decade of investigating the paranormal I have come to conclude that I know nothing. This is a good thing for these following reasons; it is bad enough that all the worst current events are broadcast at me at an alarming and often incorrect fashion, if I was to absorb the miseries of another realm my head might explode. I know that when the universe needs me in a human capacity to help an animal or if I must another person I will oblige. I would rather help creatures because people can help themselves. This may sound mean but it is a filter I have for protection as I know my limits. Another reason is mystery is hecka fun. I want moment after moment of jaw dropping aghast what the hell just happened kinda kick in the paranormal pants. I also want curiosity until my dying day. When I get what is considered some or any evidence I believe it is often just for me anyway. These are the victories I come to accept as advancement. Yes, I promote myself daily just for trying to tune in to another realm. It seems in a way to make my life bigger, and if I am doing it right perhaps an alignment occurs a hopeful alignment. A bridging that only few dare.

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