Damned Good

Rainbow 2_01-21-10Are you able to conceive of a world between worlds that can influence and shape events? Is it possible to communicate to other realms without feeling the negativity of all that has happened before us? I am here to suggest that if we remain in a positive, light-giving, mindset this work can be done. The work of paranormal investigators who seek out the most damaged of souls inhibit our planets’ possibilities. If you believe in this communication, and many do, then why would you purposefully try to go to the darkest locations to dredge up bad events and horrid history? This does not help those, like me, who are in a quest to influence the energies in a universe-altering, positive, flow. Profit-fueled fear can be a very dangerous animal and needs to be tamed. At paranormal conferences that I attend I see a mixture of skulls and sachets aimed at gathering revenue. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this – it is a prime example of American capitalism, and it represents how many people view the paranormal field. However, we must differentiate between spiritual realms and scary, horror-filled darkness. The reason ghosts are marketed as scary is because this is what sells. This image is not conducive to the progressive work that needs to be done to enhance our existence and understanding. I used go to decrepit locations, paying big dollars for a chance to get answers. This reeks of counter-productivity more than a smoldering sage cloud at a ghost hunt. The answers are all in front of us, wherever we are. Join me, the Paranormal Picker, on a mission for some positive pickin in this crazy adjustable world.