Project Haunted

How does a piece of land get spiritually grounded ? Historically any imprint whether human or animal  left on the land would and could account for an active paranormal location.So then,wouldn’t an airport be abound with possible spiritual activity? The gravity of every good bye kiss or the elevated elation of countless reunions would create a timeless curtain. The prayers of the religious or bartering of the nonreligious that take on new life when they ask for safe travel by air.To those who scoff at the fear of flying My grandmother would say, “  If it is my time to die ,I die, but what if it is the pilots time ?”

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  1. What’s even more interesting (and sad) are sites where planes have gone down. There’s one in Denver where the old airport used to be and a plane crashed on takeoff in a storm. Its now a trucking terminal. There’s one in the mountains that investigators have located and picked up screams on their EVP’s.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for commenting. After many years employed in aviation I have witnessed touching ceremonies in which a pilots last wish is to have the hearse he is in drive up the runway for one last time,
      and the missing man formation of jets beings me to tears every single time.

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