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Inner Peace
Inner Peace

When psychics are also paranormal investigators, do you think they are swayed by spirit to locations where other psychics were mistakenly institutionalized? In captive times of medicated stupor and submission in sanitariums across our country I wonder why a psychic ghost would linger in torment. Death certainly would be that open door to freedom that they longed for in their mortal shell. Once free from earthly bounds, what would cause a spirit to remain in a realm of despair? Or is it despair at all? Do we in our death oriented fears assume that spirits are trapped? The term trapped spirit really has an effect on me. Trapped by what? Trapped by guilt or by time or trapped by God or Satan? I want to understand what the purpose is for a bank of spiritual energy in between reality and infinity. What exists within the fabric that creates the mysteries around us? Could it possibly be that spirits are exactly where they want to be? Okay enough questions , let me make up some answers. God or Satan wouldn’t hold a spirit hostage. In most religious arenas it is clear that you will either go one way or the other. A neutral gray area has to exist for the indeterminate atheist and scientific folks. This is where the psychics get to swoop in and connect the dots. Psychics cushion the blow as they bend time and space into sensible tid bits. Whether it be a death medium ,spirit medium, angel aligner or soothsayer, It would not hurt to let a little healing take place. Open your mind to the science of spiritual power. We influence our surroundings with our beliefs and some well-placed healing energy can only help.

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  1. I like that term “angel aligner.”…

    It’s not a perfect fit. But since I perceive a little correspondence in the blog, I would offer that the Spindrift research into why psychic events are often stuck in the subconscious to not be consciously known and or edited by the subconscious so we human beings don’t grasp what is accurately going on psychically is prevented is worth noting. One of the culprits doing this messing with our psychic and spiritual experiences are the Defense Mechanisms. Can we heal them? It seems that we rather should be aware of them and circulate around them.

    There are a few lucky folks who seem to be freer of these culprits than most people. These few potentially make great psychics and healers.

  2. You made a very good statement.

    I would like to comment on the last line on your writing. You wrote: “We influence our surroundings with our beliefs and some well-placed healing energy can only help.”

    I have a gut feeling that this “influence” of our association to objects and beings we either love or interweave with should someday provide evidence of the paranormal that even the skeptic and atheist could buy. Everyone, maybe even in a limited degree a terrorist, understands he or she has an affection for something and or has some connection.

    Knowing it or not, we “imprint” what we walk by and we “imprint” what we pay attention to by conscious and unconscious choices. In the Spindrift Research of consciousness and prayer, the term applied is “Associational Linkage” to objects, people, pets, and plants, etc. Ghosts leave an imprint that a psychic mind can perceive and apparently some equipment can detect. Many musicians have an imprinted relationship with their instruments and the instruments in turn know their owner’s feelings and maybe some thoughts.

    Read more about the “Associational Linkage” we project and imprint. See Question Three on the FAQ page of the Spindrift website at http://www.SpindriftResearch.org. — Bill Sweet

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