Anybody home?

Ghost shows and more ghost shows, some looking for fame or money, some looking for answers,most looking to focus on fear, snazzy black attire and conjuring the evil and maniacal dead. I am questioning whether there any happy spirits out there that do not dwell in the depths of hell or that are sandwiched between dimensions? Are there stuck children who are trapped in trauma? Why? An imprisoned priest or vanquished nun with unfinished work, really? You would think they would be versed in the directions to the afterlife. Why the focus on fear? Mainly because people will pay to be frightened. Therefore fear is profitable and fueled by dollars. Secondly by looking for darkness and evil in dark and evil places you are guaranteed success. My Mission: Can we find a place or places with happy well adjusted spirits that want to join us in a quest to find answers for our planets betterment? Oh wait that would be church right? Surprisingly paranormal investigating is the closest I have been to a faith. No one is telling me who or what to believe in. My spiritual journey is a mind opening and scientific endeavor that has no predetermined path. I can test my own theories, that when perused by great minds and scholars I will still be right as rain. One of my main reasons for choosing the paranormal realm was all the undetermined, illogical and unexplainable phenomena that leave great thinkers guessing. My paranormal education like everyone else is my gradual acceptance of no one knows.