Central California Top Haunts

Super Moon photo by  Jim Pfister

From a house that bleeds honey to a ranch in the sky the Central Valley of California is not lacking in places to peer in on the paranormal. Since Memorial Day this year, I and fellow investigator Jim Pfister have visited, investigated and reported on several locations with said spooky potential. You will notice that most of these locations are not advertised as paranormal hot-spots. Respect and discretion for the beliefs of others should be practiced while visiting. Paranormal Investigators with manners could aid in an honorable purpose of correcting history.

In this crazy year of a Blood Moon, a Super Moon and a Harvest Moon. Let us explore All Hallows Moon. The above photo shot by Jim Pfister has many interesting features, leave a comment about what you see. First stop.

The Academy Cemetery

This  was our first investigation at a cemetery and this picturesque little resting place in the foothills had a hard time being scary even after dark. Only love and honor were perceived in the visit here. We came away with a feeling that spirits may find cemeteries rather uneventful and use them as rest stops.

This brief clip shows a device copying my words during an equipment check.

The Craycroft  MansionCraycroft has  been a curiosity for decades as it sits and somehow remains invisible to local historians and investigators alike.  Jim and  I  stationed  ourselves at this forgotten masonry  jewel  for  many unsuccessful  attempts to enter with permission. Dozens of searches for photos of this brick masterpieces interior have been futile. The ingenious construction of two layers of brick for insulation has given an engraved invitation to only bees lots and lots of bees. This being the story the owner told us when we inquired or begged rather for entry, she exclaimed that “The House Bleeds Honey”( future book title) Funny though as we periodically stop by the house to remind the spirits that we have not forgotten them, we have never seen nor heard a single bee. Perhaps this is a fable to keep the satanic worshiping teenagers and paint-huffers out. Sadly, the upper balcony collapsed this summer. Restoration needs to be done for this treasure before it is too late. Until then the spirits are in charge of remaining inconspicuous. The EVP below has them asking me to SHUT THEM OFF

 Forestieres’ Underground Gardens

Underground Gardens

This epic man made cavernous castle intrigued us and  many others including world travelers from Germany, Japan and Mexico who were represented in our tour group. I am certain that although the owners do not entertain paranormal research you can certainly feel a residual dedication left behind by the diligent and  determined dreamer Mr. Baldassare Forestiere (1879-1946) This impressive tour is the quintessential definition of residual energy that fuels this devoted family even to the present day.  Next Stop.

Underground ChinaTown
Underground ChinaTown


China Town Underground  This  tour also did not focus on ghosts but once inside the underground there was no denying that spiritually protective and equally dark energies lurked down there. I was enveloped by a sadness cloak when we did a lights out prayer and felt the bustling activity in what again seems to be a residual energy haunting. Local government has been cruel to this areas’ history, still sweeping away issues for more than fifty years. Below a photo of an energy anomaly coming from a electric socket.

Underground Energy Photo Jim Pfister


Sierra Sky Ranch

Orange Orb Sierra Sky Ranch

This was the topper and one of the best investigations ever. This location had past present and future spirits in attendance and they all wanted to talk about it. The remodel is lovely and spa like and what a relief that the spirits still find it an attractive retreat. So much happened here. Where do I begin? From light touches to my hand and stomping boots in my room, to immediate EVP and many direct responses to questions and equipment, and the big draw  WHISKEY. I felt that since spirits can often let us know of their presence with a whiff of old perfume or cigar smoke  maybe  the sense of smell is something they keep forever, It explains why baking Grandmas sugar cookie recipe helps bring Grandma around for a quick spiritual hello. The nostalgia creates the activity or the activity creates nostalgia. I am still on the split rail fence on that one. Anyway back to the whiskey. Jack Daniels to be exact. This prop when opened had non-stop  K2 EMF spikes for ten minutes of solid communication. Including an unexplained triggering of the fire alarm when we said we were leaving the room. Video preview below shot in room 121.

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Sierra Sky Ranch