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Spirits-of-Chandler-2012-009.jpgHow foolish is it to try to connect to a higher level?No more foolish than to try to connect with any spiritualism that exists blatantly and commercially in our faces every day. As a paranormal investigator I have moments when I question everything. There are also moments when I see a first time investigator aghast at an occurrence that is beyond explanation and I feel accomplished. I understand that making these connections is work that needs to be examined. It only makes sense that in this highly technical era, ( I hear Martians laughing )that if spirits do exist they would naturally gravitate towards whatever is capturing my undivided attention. So why is it so foreign to think that I can tune in with devices of light and sound and let this happen? Sometimes my sanity will be questioned when I am talking to the air and asking history questions but when the answers do come epiphany is possible . Feeling foolish is probably part of the equation as it is a sign that I am opening up to the possibility. So, advice if there is any is that in any spiritual quest nothing is foolish except not to try.