Spiritual Growth

I was recently called spiritually stunted and I am pretty sure that if I am not dead this is what I am supposed to be. What kind of person would have the nerve to hurl this intended barb ? The Pope ? Maybe. The Dali Lama? Probably not ,as insults are not the territory of the truly spiritual. So yes I am stunted,who isn’t ? I work on trying to create personal paranormal experiences for myself and others. I try to swim through my spirituality every day without leaving a wake of insults. However naiveté has to play in because like I said I am not dead yet. I would be more concerned with those who think they can opine on the dogma of someone else. The only spirituality that is right is the one that lets you see yourself in all your stunted glory with room for improvements every day. I seek to improve, I do not care of others opinions. I am always invited back to where I find spirituality and I suspect this is reward enough.