Don’t Be Chicken



Trying to prove paranormal anything is laborious only if you are trying to prove it to others.  In my work of investigating active locations I  come across methods that some will argue with and some will steal but no one has all the right combinations except the spirits, who toy with us constantly. So the story that follows will ring true to those who will try anything. One of my first experiences was with EVP(Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Specialists Mark and Debby Constantino whose lecture I had attended during that day. While watching them work in a short burst recording session Debby asked the spirits to say the word chicken so  that we could hear  when we played back the session.I laughed to myself because in my head I had chosen but did not say out loud the word drumstick which was similar to chicken .On playback when we hear her ask the question an EVP was captured saying drumstick I choked a little thinking what the heck? Did the spirits read my mind or did I  project the word drumstick ? Well, always learning.Then while doing my own EVP work in Oakhurst I asked the same question, and I was punished for trying to get spirits to jump through hoops or perform.This first attempt was not received well.Silly me has to keep trying. At a later investigation of Chandler Airport I decided to dredge up the old chicken request in a different manner. I had my investigators each write a word on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. If during our work we heard from any of our devices one of our secret sealed words we would announce a hit or possibility of paranormal evidence recorded. We all wrote our words and I wrote chicken and I sealed my envelope.Then Roger in our group blurted out the word chicken. I asked him how he knew my word ? He could not even say why he said it. So during the last session of the  night when we asked or begged rather for the spirits to  please confirm with one of our words we were amazed at this result. Our device was a Shack Hack AM frequency which is a digital radio that scans constantly and allows in theory, for spirits to jump in on radio waves with answers to our questions. A chronological description  follows. You must listen carefully and  after a while of using this device you know the difference between spirit voices and an on air radio.

At 6 seconds I ask for the spirits to say one of our  psychic secret words and this is followed by a couple of chirpy sounds that we could not explain.

At 14 seconds a doorbell like chime

At 34 seconds I announce that I heard two words and  say I hear you trying

At 42 seconds  I ask  in a last ditch attempt for the spirits  to say “chicken” figuring I had given away my word earlier. Then another chime is heard

At 49 seconds the loudest of the doorbell chimes and at ………..

52 seconds  you hear finally “CHICKEN” which is followed by an over joyous uproar of investigators that were present. So much to learn but if the method provides results we have to go with what works. I do not feel that I am asking the spirits to jump through hoops I am asking for the spirits to show the simple humans how they work.