What Was That?

Spooky Tree

As serious as the business of paranormal investigation is, certain things are really starting to irk me.

  • The following phrases: What was that ? What the Hell ? and SHHHH. The big offender is when said group leader asks what was that then follows with SHHHH.
  • Devices registering EMF, motion, or static from my magnetic eyelashes DO NOT I repeat DO NOT go crazy, go nuts, or  go off the hook, they register information, or someone forgot to turn off their cell phone.
  • Investigators who zero in on the one person/ spirit with the worst possible history to enhance the spookiness. If someone were murdered I would hope they are not stuck at the crime scene for eternity. Their murderer maybe but not the victim.
  • The automatic assumption that everything is an EVP. That moan you heard is more than likely some ones belly after the 5 hour energy drink they threw back before the hunt, or some poor fool passing a kidney stone 2.2 miles away.
  • There is no need to carry lanterns in a dark modern home for the camp ghost story effect. Turn on the damn lights when you need to.
  • Please tell me that every once in a while Amy from Dead Files gets an EVP that tells her she is wrong. I volunteer to review every show.
  • Paranormal show editors who do not know which device is which. Example : The Lowe Files when a spirit box was called an Ovilus. Are you listening Bill Chappell ?
  • Speaking of the Ovilus , recently on Haunted Towns they got excited when the voice switched from male to female. It is a setting on the device people. I guess a ghost could do that.
  • Just once please admit that you did not change the batteries. OOPSIE




I Dig Cemeteries

I Dig Cemeteries
I Dig Cemeteries

Let me clarify. As an investigator of the odd I purposefully steered away from cliché cemetery investigation thinking that little life experience had occurred at burial sites and the display of respect  was also considered paramount. I am glad I changed my mind. Not only did I find welcome solace at Academy Cemetery in Clovis California,  I came away thinking maybe spirits use these quiet spots whether they are buried there or not.  I went in with a “measure the environment” attitude and wanted to take some base readings without too much inquiry. The Ovilus V when turned on spat out a continuous stream of words without stopping  for thirty words  including the mention of the name IDA twice. I knew that IDA was an old fashioned name and that of all 889 plots  I found an IDA BELL COLE  and left some flowers there. I felt very satisfied with that. If the spirits used me in that capacity it is all good.

I got sad when I saw a grave marker that said baby or unknown but then I understood that the universe knows all the names, and it is okay if I do not.

I wondered if the flags put at each grave for Memorial Day added to the great respect that I felt running through me. The winds picked up and the dozens of flags in the wind sounded like applause,  another  clear homage that stirred at my heart.

I was filming and announcing each device that was running and  which one we were testing next  and when I said out loud that I was switching to a PSB7 box the spirit box/ shack hack that was running repeated me and said PSB7 Box, Is that so?

Another interesting but  perhaps explainable event  was when running the wireless Ovilus V next to a device with an external speaker , the Ovilus said a word  and it also was transmitted through the  separate external speaker on this other device.This was  stange and I need to research that further.

I still feel that graves are more for the living than the dead.Each marker creates its own environmental impact according to the calming comfort it provides to the grieving.

Demon Song Review

I read the first book about Mark and Debby Constantino

Demon Song by Janice Oberding

 A good two-hour read. My review. This is a sad tale of greed and jealousy that should not have happened but for the formula that they themselves thrived and fed on and then instead of dividing the bread ended up dead. My heart weeps for the family of Jimmie Anderson and Summer Myers who have to tread through the wake of this tragic unnecessary unraveling of two people not one but two people. The spirits of Mark and Debby perhaps now have to muddle through muck to make amends and then hopefully yes hopefully can ascend separately. The names Constantino and Angelo/ Angelina  predicted a spiritual existence that needed to stay spiritual.  I hope only the best for their children and their children’s children. A beautifully written forward by Tara Bohren Lorentzen also deserves mention. I did not understand the title Demon Song when the author makes it clear in the first chapter that demon involvement was at best scoffable.Also a rather unflattering picture of Debby on the cover raised question. 



Oh Holy Shit

Oh Holy Shit

2015 a year of  joy somewhere not here!

This year, even the most Reiki infused were challenged to a doom duel.

A year end synopsis of rosy highlights is not fuckin’ happenin’ here.

Realistic is my motto for this year of ick.

The bliss is for those with blinders as our war-torn, poverty tattered and terrorist littered freedoms are challenged by the millisecond to battle social media and politically moronic hyper powers that be.

The sweet tweet  hashtag universe of sarcasm and fame whores has permeated cyber space in a glee sucking vacuum.

When murders and suicides are used as click bait fodder and everyone wants a piece of this proverbial pitiful pie.

Where paranormal non-believers scoff at our efforts as non-scientific and or the believers accuse us of  inducing chaos via demons. No middle ground. Make up your mind people.

Who can honestly say that trying to elevate ourselves one level up at a time in our quest for spirituality is a bad thing ?  NO ONE So mind your damn business!

What does it take to heal the children and animals that suffer? This should be our only question.



Fire and Water


Inside and Out

Raining inside and out

Salted rain on the pillow case

Polluted pollen-less  rain from a dingy gray sky

Mud outside and in




Murky caged feelings un-felt

Rays of sunshine outside and in

Intertwined replicas creating heat

Rainbow inside and out

Un-prisoned spectrum of hope

Universe of colour and light








~P Picker yep


_Inside Out


Paranormal Picker wha’? The term originated with me. I have been drawn to old sentimental objects for as long as I can remember. I feel the imprints of time on objects or places and have even experienced vivid pictures of history while digging in the earth. I believe that we all have the ability to feel the legends around us. Perhaps because I was blind for the first few months of life my tactile and hearing sensors remained on high alert. The Picker moniker happened naturally as I made myself familiar with every thrift and antique store within a fifty mile radius of wherever I called home. On one of these fine adventures into lore I caught myself looking at things that I would not have given a glance to normally. I started with some odd fifties era dishes and then added a few other souvenir items from Yosemite and then I spotted from across the store a hideous avocado green bread box that actually had a gravitational pull on my psyche. I felt relief when my hands reached it. I did not know why. Did it remind me of my child hood? NO. I opened it and found a matching plate to the dishes that were already in my stack .Weird, I thought how did that happen? I proceeded to the counter and the clerk whose name was Bella told me that I had almost completely reassembled a box of items that she had put on the shelves that morning. I put many things that had come from another location back together again. I could have saved her some work had I just come in a little earlier. Accidental, coincidental, or intentional this all struck me as something I needed to explore. The hideous green bread box now holds garden supplies on my patio and the dishes are each under a flower pot all very close to one another as the spirits suggested. Fruition for the Paranormal Picker.

Long Time No See

Re visit to a favorite investigation site after an absence.

link to video shot by Ronald Gaynor is here so you can compare or prove no tampering occured. In Ronald’s video he also picked up a voice asking for the prayer which we start with.





Level it Out

Level it out
Level it out

When considering matters of the afterlife, Do we see our current culture steering toward horror or harmony? While observing the current plethora of saturating paranormal soup du jour, why not take a moment to divulge on levels of death. Gruesome or groovy you decide. Okay you are dead, please proceed to your proper level.

Level 1: You are among your angels and guides for instruction on how to proceed to your graduating existence. This is a given with children or animals who pass too soon. Fairness exists on this level.

Level 2: You are reliving your life in reverse and it is causing paranormal activity in all people, places and things associated with your time on earth. This is why any location ever inhabited has spirits in attendance . This level is very cathartic for the deceased, but can wreak havoc on the living.

Level 3: You know you are dead but you cannot let go of the living. Your controlling nature has you snooping about the afterlife like you are at a swap meet .Frantically shopping for answers or objects as a distraction to what really has happened to you. Fatal retail therapy. This is the level for addicts.No progress is made on this level period. Stuck for sure.

Level 4: You are protecting another living human until it is their time to join you in the afterlife. Guardian spirits are quiet by nature and are somewhat in a graceful holding pattern .This level reveals the power of love and endurance.

Level 5: You are hanging around in the dark levels wearing a really cool skull shirt waiting for Zak or Aaron or Nick to call you out. This can be entertaining for a while but will it lose its luster when you get tired of hearing the song Johanna.

Level 6 : You are/were a skeptic in life questioning all faiths and beliefs, and now you are dead that’s it. Are thereany other levels? Sure maybe skeptics get to be enlightened at one of these levels should they have a last minute panic about their demise. Notice I did not mention Heaven or Hell? This is where I am a skeptic. I think it all reduces down to one choice, are you finished or not? As spiritual beings maybe we get to experience all these levels and can extend the energy we choose to go out into the universe. The more spirituality there is the more we can shift into higher levels of humanity for the benefit of all. I will be expounding on these levels in future blogs. Pamela The Paranormal Picker